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Poodoo Halloween

Are you and your pet ready? Hurricane Matthew recently wreaked havoc along the East Coast killing over 43 people and millions of farm animals in North Carolina. Although we are land locked in Nashville Tennessee, we experienced a natural disaster in 2010 with the 500 year flood wiping out downtown Nashville and many neighborhoods. Twenty […]

Your pooch wants some TREATS!

In The Kitchen With Poo Doo As dog owners, it is only natural to want to spoil our pups as much as possible. Most know that there is no better way to show your dog some love than the almighty TREAT! After blowing through bag after bag of expensive dog treats from the pet store, […]

Ruffin It

Last month, we gave you some tips on how to keep you and Fido safe on your upcoming summer road trips. Now that the sun is out, and the temperatures are rising, it is time to get outside and take advantage of the beautiful weather. Whether you are a transplant or a local, it is […]

Safe Pet Travels

With more and more pets accompanying us on road trips and vacations it is important to heed the same safety measures that one would if riding with a child. We have compiled a helpful list to help you and Fido have happy tails. Dr. Ernie Ward a veterinarian, lecturer, and author gave some of his […]

Raw Food Diets

Fad diets are something that Americans are highly familiar with. Everyone is desperate for that “secret” that will make them look younger, feel better, and stay more lean. What about when it comes to our beloved four legged friends? Recently, there have been more and more talks within the canine community about raw dog food […]

Dog Apps

We’re well into the 21st century folks, and smartphone apps aren’t just for humans anymore. In fact, there are dozens of dog and pet apps out to help you manage your job as a devoted dog parent. Need to talk to a vet or trainer after business hours? Searching for pet sitters or someone to […]


Donate? I get so many requests to donate but can’t give to all. Which charities are really putting my  funds to the best use?  There has been some speculation over the past few years regarding how much money directly goes to the cause of charities rather than administrative costs. We are going to dive into […]

Dogs are Amazing

Dogs have always been a man’s best friend, but service, emotional, and therapy dogs provide amazing services to assist owners with special needs. These dogs are specially trained to assist their owners with disabilities of all types. Service dogs help by performing a function for a person that is limited by a disability.  Types of […]

Poodoo: What to look for in number 2

This week we are diving into the chemistry behind your dogs’ poo! Now, you may be snickering a little, but this is a very serious topic. Fido’s poop tells us if he is getting enough water, nutrients, and overall healthy. A veterinarian should examine your pups’ stool on an annual basis. They have the expertise […]

Run Fido, Run

**Disclaimer** The Poo Doo crew are not veterinarians! We are however committed to researching legitimate evidence based websites and books. Always have a conversation with your doctor/vet prior to starting an exercise program!When and how long should we run with our dogs? So you may have just finished a half marathon or a 5k, but […]