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CBD (non-psychogenic hemp) may help with your pooch (or yourself) with joint pain, anxiety, seizures, inflammation, skin issues, stress, and may protect the nervous system. It will not get your dog high. We have found regular use gives the desired effect versus spot dosing.

Please check with your veterinarian prior to starting CBD oil or edibles.

Dosages of CBD oil may vary to reach the desired effect. Common dosages to start include the following:

(Low Dosage): 0.05 mg x kg of body weight twice a day

(Medium dosage): 0.1mg x kg of body weight twice a day

(High dosage): 0.25 mg x kg of body weight twice a day

For example, if your dog weighs 50 pounds, that is 22.68 kg.  That would be 0.1mg x 22.7 =2.27, round up to 2.3 mg of CBD twice a day.  You will likely start to see subtle differences in your pet within a few weeks. You can titrate up slowly (weekly) if needed for the desired effect. The desired effect for our dog included less panting, she was able to get up much easier, improved appetite, and she started greeting us at the door again! You will not overdose your dog on CBD hemp oil. However, if you give too much, you may notice drowsiness, increased thirst, or it may interfere with the metabolism of other drugs your pet maybe taking.

These treats have approximately 10 mg per treat with about 15 treats per bag. This may vary by the weight of the treat.

**Batch testing report available upon request**

1 review for Wheat Free Pet Delight Treats

  1. Robert Earl Tarrents

    We bought this to help our senior guy Walley with his joint pain and it works great we highly recommend this product to help with anxiety and joint pain.
    “We often joke about him smelling colors”

    • Rhonda

      Thanks so much, Mr. Tarrents for being an awesome customer. I am glad Walley is feeling better on the CBD treats!

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