First Blog

A black and white drawing of a dog 's facePoo Doo’s first blog. So much to write about and so little time! The love for running my 3 dogs lead to the development of the patent pending Poo Doo hands-free running leash and thus to this blog. First a little background about Poo Doo which will influence the upcoming topics. Poo Doo’s background is in the healthcare industry as a Nurse Practitioner with interests in fitness, nutrition, and disease prevention. Poo Doo has no veterinary training or canine training. However, Poo Doo does have connections to the vet and canine training types (who will be guest authors) as well as the intelligence to read and interpret pertinent research articles regarding your pet.

Upcoming topics to be discussed in the next month include: exercise routines with your dog, first aid for your pooch, and a discussion on therapy/service dogs. Please check back in the next few weeks. Feel free to email me with blog topics you would like discussed!

Have a great weekend and remember to get your Poo Doo Leash “because poo happensâ€.