One of my favorite hobbies is running and hiking with my 3 dogs Reecie, Junior, and now Millie.  The three of us run the beautiful Nashville Greenways several times a week. As an avid runner, I was tired of holding dog waste on our runs. I  tried to use  the  dog bags available today  but they  shook, were heavy, had inferior waste attachments, and were cheaply made. One day, I decided to pull out my sewing machine and make my own leash. I designed a reflective, stylish,  and water resistant leash. This lightweight sturdy leash contains a quick dispenser for bags, a pocket for dog waste, and a separate pocket for personal items.  After running with my dogs, I realized I created the almost perfect leash (perfect would be if it picked up dog waste for you and put it in the bag!).  I started getting requests for my leash and thus the  “Poo Doo Leash”  was born. With the help of many talented friends I brought my idea to production. I hope you enjoy my products as much as I do.  Let the Poo Doo leash help you figure out “ What to do with number 2?”.

Rhonda, Reecie, and Junior