Original Poo Doo Leash


Product Description

The Original Poo Doo Leash is a practical and stylish way to hold a roll of dog bags, personal items, and pet waste in separate compartments with a non-removable 8″ x 4.5″ pack sewn to a reflective matching leash. Leashes vary in size from 5 feet to 6 feet. You may use your smart phone through the vinyl back pocket as well as your “light app” for increased visibility at night.

Allow 2 weeks for delivery for back orders. Not all colors can be made on back order. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Original Poo Doo Leash

Product Colors:

A red circle with a white background Coral with Reflective Thatch pattern
A round green mat with a pattern of small squares. Lime Green with Reflective Dot Pattern
A red circle with silver dots on it. Red w/ Reflective Dot pattern
A black and white checkered pattern on a round surface. Black Plaid Pattern
A brown and white checkered pattern on a black background. Brown Plaid Pattern
A yellow plate with flowers on it Orange with Reflective Floral Pattern
A pink circle with black polka dots on it. Hot Pink with Reflective dots
A round orange and white pattern on top of a table. Orange w/ Reflective Butterfly Print
A blue circle with a pattern of flowers. Blue with Reflective Butterfly Pattern
A black and white picture of a round rug. Black with Reflective Stripe Pattern